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What is a Velomobile?

Velomobile is usually a fully faired recumbent trike or quad. Modern factory built velomobiles are usually made of fiberclass or carbon fiber and they have normal mountain bike powertrain.

A velomobile is human powered vehicle, but still faster than normal bicycle.

Velomobiles are fast because of the sleek aerodynamic fairing. Because of the minimal drag, you can easily keep up with the average speed of 30 -40 km/h. You can mount a E-assist to a velomobile. It will help when accelerating or climbing hills. But here at the west coast of Finland we don’t have that kind of big hills.

Velomobile is the best mode of transportation

  • It’s safe – Because of the bright and visible color, it’s easy to see in the traffic. The fairing also protects the rider in case of a crash.
  • It’s fast – Because of the superior aerodynamics, you can easily do 30 km commute.
  • Lot’s of luggage space – You can fit your grosery shoppings or camping gear inside the velomobile.
  • It’s green – No pollution, no fuel. You can go long way with just oatmeal.
  • It’s comfortable – The recumbent seating position is very comfortable. You don’t have any problems with neck or wrist pain like with upright bikes. You are also protected from the weather inside the fairing. Little rain is no problem.

So where can I buy one? Here’s my few tips about buying a velomobile.

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